Blog 3 Quick Tips to Prepare for a Dealership Visit

3 Quick Tips to Prepare for a Dealership Visit

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You have done your research and narrowed it down to the one dream car you always wanted. You pull out your phone and search for that dealership. You easily navigate through its website and find the one you want. Before you call the dealership to see if it is still available or rush straight in to that store, pause. Here are three quick tips to prepare for your dealership visit.

1. Know what you want to accomplish

Ask yourself a question, “What outcome do I want out of my visit?” Do you want to experience that car – sit in it, drive it?  Do you plan to talk to someone or just look around? Do you simply want to “kick the tires,” or are you absolutely ready to pull the trigger and become an owner of a new car? As basic as this sounds, you’d be surprised to know that buyers rarely think of the outcome of their dealership visit. The majority of the decision to buy a car is driven heavily by your emotions. Knowing an outcome of your visit beforehand will also allow your sales person to serve you better and save you time throughout your shopping experience.

2. Understand your options

Before you decide to go, it is also a good idea to narrow down your financial situation. When it comes to a budget, understanding your options is critical to making the right moves. Are you financing or leasing? Are you placing a down payment or simply signing and driving?  Your credit has a lot to do with what type of financial solutions you will be presented with. In order to be prepared, start with basics – figure out potential loan payments in advance. In the world of apps there are plenty of tools from simple to more complex. Many dealership website contain payment options as well including lease payments.

3. Get pre-approved

Securing a loan seems to be time consuming. Depending on a dealership, this process might be fast and easy. It also depends on what you want to accomplish with your visit. Streamlining the financing process by completing most of it beforehand could save you time. Some consumers think dealerships are not competitive with their rates and terms. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Auto financing is an extremely regulated environment. With this in mind, you can generally secure a better financial solution through the dealership you select to do business with, than through outside sources. Buying your next car can be a nerve wracking experience. It is up to you to take these three easy steps and be prepared to mitigate the stress associated with shopping for the ride of your dreams!